You Are Beautiful

Hi. Originally I had planned to post my “everyday go to” outfit basics. But. I decided to do something else.

One of the things I want to do on this IG hub and on the blog is to regularly provide a little encouragement or boost or write about my insecurities in hopes that it helps someone else realize they aren’t alone.

Can I confess something? I kicked off this project without having everything figured out and in order. Surprise! I jumped before I looked. I have ideas in my head and I see a need in women’s lives, but I don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle together yet. And gosh, maybe I never will. Maybe I’ll fail. Maybe it will end before it even starts. But I would regret not trying. You should never regret the trying. Success may or may not come, but the trying is so important. The trying is what defines you. And if I would’ve waited until I had it all figured out…well I probably never would’ve taken the leap at all. What leap are you not taking?

Yesterday, after my first few posts having gone live…I started to panic. My self-confidence, which isn’t super high to begin with, began to plummet. Who do I think I am trying something like this hub and blog? Who would ever want to read my words? Do I really have anything to offer? What if it’s not possible for me to pull a community together? And for the love of it all, who on earth would want my tips? I am a far cry from a model or even photogenic, my life is crazy busy, my home is a mess most of the time, as are my kids.

But it’s still there…a whisper in my heart…that the women are out there. The need is out there. The women who feel like they don’t quite have a place where they “fit” are real. That there is a yearning for something other than glossy perfection.

So in an attempt to pull myself together, I decided to post a statement instead today. Not just a statement. A truth. A fact.

You are beautiful.

How do you feel about that? Do you believe it to be true for you or just for others? In all transparency, I struggle with it. It has taken me years to be able to accept a compliment from my husband without an immediate response of “No I’m not”. It’s almost like a reflex. So ingrained in my fibers that I cannot even comprehend the possibility of being beautiful. My amazing husband. He’s hung in there. Bless him. Continuing to tell me wonderful compliments like “you are beautiful” and patiently waiting for the day I accept it as truth for myself. Is today the day? I don’t know. But I’m getting closer. It’s getting easier for me to filter and discern between the beautiful glossy that’s fake and the beautiful mess that’s real.

I have some amazing friends who are funny and smart and so generous. They started this little photography hub on Instagram called @thecandidclass and graciously let me tag along. Almost immediately we saw how insecure women were about their looks. That self-portraits and being in pictures with their kids were so hard for many of us. That insecurities about looks and appearances were keeping women OUT of their OWN MEMORIES they were capturing with their cameras. It was eye opening and heart wrenching. So in our sister hub @thecandidprojects we started a hashtag called #tcp_iambeautiful. If you ever want encouragement or to see mamas overcoming their fears and participating in their family photos vs. being on the sidelines, check out the hashtag. It’s a beautiful thing.

If no one has told you lately. Or ever. I’m here. I got your back. And I’ll say it as many times as you need…You are beautiful.

Have a blessed day mamas.


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