Stripes and Florals!

Patterns, colors, and stripes! Oh my! What do you think? Do you wear colors? Do you mix patterns?

This is a very similar outfit to what I was wearing the other day. If you’ve been following along, you know that once I find a style I like…I stick with it and search out variations of similar items.

I know a lot of mamas who stick to a white/gray/black neutral wardrobe. Especially it seems up north here. And much of the time, I do too. It’s easy, it’s usually flattering, and it hides kid messes well. All of that sounds good to me!

(PS. Nothing against northerners or mid-westerners, but people absolutely dress differently in different parts of the country. I’m not saying it’s good or bad or anything else other than different. There are different trends. It’s undeniable. I have culture shock almost every time we visit Oklahoma to see family. True story.)

Even though I too often default to basic white/gray/black choices, I love a little color and love a bit of pattern too. Maybe there’s a little part southern soul in me that the cold, harsh winters here haven’t quite killed off yet!

What about you? Do you dare to wear color or patterns or better yet, both?! Share with me!

Much love mamas,


Striped Racer Back Tank, Cardi, & Necklace: Evereve

Gray Jeggings: Gap

Sandals: Birkenstock

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