Raw Beauty

Hi. Hope everyone had a great Sunday. Truthfully I’m fearful of what will happen to my follower count posting this but…Can I tell you something? I can’t even remember the last time I posted an unedited, no filter, cell phone pic. Probably never. Especially the last couple of years, as I’ve pursued photography and big camera pics and editing. I’ve strived to improve my art. But sometimes it’s hard to maintain the real life in all of that. I try. I try to capture imperfection and messes. But still. Those look a little glossier and acceptable in lovely light with some pretty Photoshop strokes. But this. This is probably the most real picture I’ve ever shared.
The truth is. Well the truth is that our life is busy and messy and loud and most days it feels like we’re hanging by a thread. The truth is that I yell more than I should and my patience can often wear thin quickly. The truth is that much of the time we’re running so fast it seems like we’re grasping for moments but they slip through our fingers. The truth is…it’s still a pretty good life.
We were busy this weekend. Like really busy. And at the end of the day today we didn’t get everything done we needed to. Laundry didn’t get folded. Rooms didn’t get cleaned. Meals didn’t get prepped. But at the end of the day today, I got to give my girls a bath, wrap them both in my arms and snuggle. I asked my husband to take a pic with his cell phone not thinking too much of it, other than I thought my girls looked cute. But when I saw the picture and could see the whole thing. My eyes filled with tears with the reality of it all…
My hair that hasn’t been washed in so long you don’t even want to know.
They toys and books and stuff strewn everywhere.
My two absolutely precious girls fresh from their bath wrapped in towels and in my arms.
It all just struck me. The weight of everything left yet to be done but the gratefulness that there’s still work to do.
I don’t have any plans to quit my photography ambitions. However, this moment. It’s truly something I want to remember. It deserves a place in my memory. It’s earned a place in our story. Thank you God for the blessings beyond measure.

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