One Accessory. Five Outfits.

One accessory. Five outfits.

I don’t think it’s necessary to have lots of extra stuff and accessories. Just pieces that you love and go together with what’s in your closet. I did a little experiment this week. I wore the same necklace 5 days in a row. Wondering if anyone noticed? Here is how it turned out!

Although this necklace has an orange stone, I think it went well with a variety of outfits and added a pop of color to the solid green and solid black tops.

I love a long necklace for creating an elongated look, but that means my girls love to grab and play with them. Even a little girl from E’s school ran up to me and started playing with this one! I would say, this necklace is durable. Little E has broken two long gold necklaces that I own in recent weeks by grabbing them and playing with them. It all comes back to the need to have items that fit mom life!

Have any go to accessories? Tag them to #the_mama_jeans.

Necklace from Evereve.

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