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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share my wardrobe foundation.

What is MOST important to me is that my clothing allows me to interact with my kids. I mentioned in my earlier post that clothes need to fit my work life AND my family life. I’m a busy working mom, not a country music star putting on a concert with 15 wardrobe changes throughout the day. Everything is linked at the bottom. And I’ve linked some extra pieces that are more budget friendly too!

Ok, so with that said, here are the 4 foundational pieces I wear almost daily.

  1. A flowy or loose top. Free People mini dresses are my favorite tops, like the one I’m wearing here. They are comfortable non clingy, and I can move. Plus, the prints are pretty! I have collected this particular mini dress in 4 prints over the last year or so. When you find a style or cut you like, don’t be afraid to “buy in bulk”! Haha! If Free People isn’t in your budget, have no fear, I have linked a couple of other options below for you. The point isn’t the label name and lots of boutiques have the same cuts and styles in an off brand for less money. Just be sure to check care labels that you can wash and dry easily.
    • Also, don’t be afraid to buy “big”. This top is a size large. Free People runs big and I actually own this same dress in a different print in a size small. (I’ll be posting that soon in a future blog.) Lots of people will recommend sizing down when buying these styles of tops, but I am usually happier when I buy my normal size. Personally I like the flowier feel, the arms typically fit better, and the length is usually more flattering.
    • Plus the other I day mentioned that sometimes I’ll even buy up to an XXL size, especially in t-shirts because I want the length and room.
    • Lastly, buy a length that covers your rear if you’re wearing leggings. Which we’re moving on to next.
  2. Hallelujah for leggings, am I right? Since I can’t sit around in sweatpants all day, I’ll do the next best thing, leggings. Now. I am a huge fan of Athleta leggings. I do not own any Lulumon or LuLuRoe or any other brands really. BECAUSE I was getting so frustrated in other brands not lasting. Athleta leggings are not cheap, but you can find them on sale from time to time, but they are worth full price to me.
    • One, they wash AND dry well. They don’t fade or fall apart. I have had a certain black pair for YEARS. Years y’all. Do some math. If I paid $78 four years ago and wear them about once a week, that’s about 38 cents per wear and they still look good.
    • Two, they are not “shiny”. The have a keep an opaque look, especially the black.
    • Three, they are available in a high waist with a WIDE waist band that does not roll down when you have a squishy tummy like me. Plus they come in a wide variety of sizes.
    • Four, they are really good about not pilling when your thighs rub together like mine do.
  3. I love booties. I feel like they help dress an outfit up a bit without actually wearing some sort of uncomfortable heel. I primarily wear my Tom wedges, but I just got these little short cowboy boots and they’ve barely left my feet since. I don’t have a ton of shoes, so I try to make sure I really love the ones I do have.
  4. A jacket. This winter and spring I’ve become obsessed with jackets again. I say again, because I’ve always had a thing for jackets. I have a Gap jean jacket that is about 10 years old. I still wear it regularly. I picked up a couple of little jackets like the one I’m wearing here at this store called Evereve. I stumbled upon this boutique (that’s geared towards moms) a few months ago…and let’s just say it’s dangerous for my checkbook. I pretty much want to walk out with the entire store. And the sales lady was nice and helpful without being pushy. There’s even a play area for kids. Store after my own heart!!! Anyway back to jackets…I like jackets because many of my tops and dresses are sleeveless. Jackets are good option for air-conditioned buildings or cool days. I’m a bit self-conscious about my arms so jackets help me keep them covered. I was so nervous this jacket wouldn’t fit my arms when the lady handed it to me to try, but it has the perfect amount stretch.

Right now, we’re still having mostly cool and cold temps. In the summer or warmer months, I’ll lose the jacket and switch the leggings out for shorts. Boom. Done.

I’d love to hear what your key pieces are! Comment below or on the IG post!

Have a great Friday Mamas!



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