Background on My Mama Fashion Life

So for my first “fashion post”, I wanted to describe a little more my personal clothing preferences.  Please, please, please for the love…do not get offended, discouraged, or upset by my personal choices and opinions. These are mine and they fit my personality and lifestyle. You do not have to agree! And I would love to see your personal style and why it works for you when you use the hashtag #the_mama_jeans.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up.

Here are some basics about me to help you understand the backdrop of my life and where I’m coming from…

  • First off, you will see clutter in the background of my pictures…this is my real life man. (You can go back and read my intro post on sharing real – not perfection.)
  • I work in a corporate office. We have a more casual atmosphere and I can wear jeans to work, but obviously, I need to look “business-y”. Since I spend 40+ hours a week here my clothes need to work for the office and for mom life. Like it needs to be ok if my 2 year old gives me a hug with messy hands. And I need to be able to cook/do dishes/run errands in the same clothes I wear to work.
  • I prefer quality items that last a long time and wash and wear well. But I do not buy what I would consider “luxury designer” brands. So basically, I’m not shopping at Wal-Mart, but I’m not shopping at Neiman Marcus either.
  • I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m on a jean struggle bus. They fit my legs but not by waist and vice versa. So rather than fight the battle, I rarely wear jeans. For the denim that I do wear…it’s usually a dark wash and skinny. There is one pair of boot cut / flare jeans I wear occasionally (and am in the picture below. As said over on IG though, they are too tight in my waist and I was mildly uncomfortable all day.)  I do not own any jeans with holes in them or rhinestones on them. Again, this just doesn’t fit my personality or lifestyle no matter how popular they are.
  • To be honest, I’m not a shoe or accessory fanatic. I like them! But I usually have a few versatile pieces that go with lots of outfits. This just saves me time and money.
  • In an earlier post I mentioned I’m a size 12. Or 14. Or 10. I’m not really sure. I do know in leggings I wear a large! I try not to worry too much about the numbers or labels. As long as I’m making healthy choices and I feel good and comfortable. In tops I buy anywhere from a L-XXL. I do not care about the label. Nobody sees it. I love a good flowy top, so I’ll often buy a little big or roomier. WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHATS ON THE LABEL IF YOU CAN’T BREATHE AND ARE NOT COMFORTABLE? Join me on a journey of setting ourselves free from label anxiety.
  • I’ll be 36 this year. I’m aging a bit. I’ve had two kids. We’re busy and I can’t live at the gym. My girls love my soft belly. So I’ll love it too. I have weird skin with wrinkles, pores, acne, and stretch marks. I like to dress my age, I think. For the most part, I’m not shopping in the juniors section.

In my next post I’ll talk about what I consider my “uniform”…haha! I would love to hear more about you!!! Comment below or on the IG page! @the_mama_jeans

Much love – Jennifer

Bright and bushy tailed – ready to take on the day:

I committed to y’all to share real images, like I said, I need flexibility in what I wear. Most days I come home from work and immediately start cooking dinner. Or I sit and stare at my phone, hoping the dishes will do themselves…

Below is me tired and procrastinating getting dinner ready…I look so sad! Haha! P.S. I made a super easy cashew chicken with cauliflower rice for dinner. Posting the recipe soon!

Outfit details and links:

Top: Nordstrom

Jeans: Gap (Mine are older, I don’t see the exact cut anymore, but they close to these that I’ve linked.)

Necklace: Evereve (This my new favorite store on the planet y’all.)

Shoes: Toms (I could wear these shoes all day everyday. So comfy.)

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