Welcome to The Mama Jeans! Hi! My name is Jennifer. And I feel like largely, I’m the textbook average woman. I’m a wife, mom of two kids, have a full time desk job, etc.
I have blemishes, pores, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging. I’m not hiding anything from you. Here are some *super* important things I think you should know about me. (Number one is that I’m sarcastic…)

– I wash my hair twice a week, tops. Sorry it’s true. I’ll probably talk about my hair care routine in a future post. As a woman, hair can be such a big part of our identity, I look forward to sharing my struggles with you and hearing your stories and advice too.
We have two little girls who keep me on my toes and busy. I really want to raise them to be strong and brave, yet to embrace their femininity and womanhood.

– Currently, I have no jeans that fit me. I’m a size 12. A 14 in some brands and a 10 in brands with a lot of stretch. So spam with your best jeans. I need help. Am I trying to lose weight? Meh. I’m trying to be healthy. Let’s talk about that.

– I’ll never wear a bikini again. And I’m totally fine with that. I’m still excited for summer, I found some great swimsuits I love last year and am excited to share them with you in the future!

– My husband and I have been married for 14 years this year. Gosh I cannot imagine life without him. It has been great at times and really hard at times. But it has always been worth it. I’ll be looking forward to sharing tips about how to prioritize your marriage and spouse and why it’s so important to your family well-being.

Life is super busy, most days I can barely keep up. So why on earth would I start a new hub? Well. In a lot of ways, I feel women like me are overlooked and ignored by our culture.

We’re endlessly marketed to with flawless super models that more closely resemble Barbie than what we see in the mirror.

We’re constantly told we shouldn’t age and for the love of all things, we shouldn’t sag.

Our lashes should be unnaturally long, our waists should be tiny, our butts should be oddly huge in just the right places, our skin should be smooth, our teeth should be the purest of white, our hair should be long, thick, and glorious, and our brows should be full, but not too full.

We are supposed to hold down successful jobs and break “glass ceilings” while keeping an immaculate home decorated with the latest shiplap trend, preparing our families organic/gluten free/dye free/whole/natural/free ranged/locally sourced meals, exercising regularly, helping our kids with common core, enrolling and shuttling our kids to every extracurricular activity known to mankind, loving and fulfilling our husbands, and the list goes on. And on.

Are you exhausted yet? Are you insecure yet? Holy cow, I am.

So for this hub…I want it to be a tribe, no scratch that a community. No wait, that isn’t right either. I want it to be a village. Yes, a village. Because it takes a village. A village of real women warriors not just surviving this mom life, but thriving. Learning to simplify our lives, learning to prioritize what’s really important, learning what makes us feel good and comfortable, learning how to take care ourselves, learning how to say to no to some things – so we can yes to best things. Learning how to raise kids that flourish. Learning how to have marriages that last. Learning how to foster adult friendships. Learning how to extend grace to ourselves and admit, we really can’t do it all, especially not if we’re alone.

I don’t have everything about this new adventure quite figured out yet, but we’ll get there. While yes, I want this hub to be about fashion, beauty, and food, at its soul, I want it to be about moms helping moms with real life achievable advice. I want it to be a place where we do battle with our insecurities and come out victorious and hopeful.

Will you join me? Because it’s not just me…I certainly don’t have all of the answers. Not even close. I want to share my tips, but this will only work if you share yours too. That’s why I created the hashtag #the_mama_jeans. Share your stories, battles, tips, and best practices there and I’ll select to feature here. Can you imagine? A hashtag full of nothing but good things for mamas?!

Also, rest assured, the posts you see from me will not be perfect. My goal is show you real life. There will be clutter in the background (as you’ll see in my self-portrait). I am NOT here to show you perfection. I am also NOT here to play a comparison game. I’m here to foster acceptance and focus on the things that really matter.

What do you think? Want to start a village with me?

Much love – Jennifer